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Great Support !

You will still get the Crown ATM 24-7 service for any problems that may come up with the ATM or from one of your customers, our highly trained customer service phone help line will walk your customer thru any issues that may occurred during a cash transaction.

Receive 100% of Surcharged Transaction
ATM's are proven to increase sales in your business !

You're In Control
You have the option to run the ATM yourself. You don't need to rely on others to load cash on busy weekends because you're in control .

Easy Setup !

A small floor space of 18"X26" needed
Electrical outlet 
Phone Line access or Internet access

Wireless Phone System Available

Other Perks with a Rented ATM
We deliver, install, bolt down to your floor, plus train you on how to use the equipment.

All for FREE !
In most cases you can save approx. $1670.00 in a 36 month term over purchasing, You also have the option to purchase your ATM after the first year at discounted prices.

ATM Rental Program

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