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You will still get the Crown ATM 24-7 service for any problems that may come up with the ATM or from one of your customers, our highly trained customer service phone help line will walk your customer thru any issues that may occurred during a cash transaction.

When looking at an ATM placement you would be getting hands off program.

With this program you would be having an Agent install, service, run and load cash in our ATM (No Cost To You its All Free). You will also get FREE Signs and Stickers for your Store to advertise your new ATM.

You will receive a monthly ACH of a percentage of the monthly surcharged transaction volume. This percentage will vary with each location usually depending on the volume of transactions each month, A reason would be the cost to run the ATM at your location.

*Other Options are Renting or Owning your ATM and receive 100% of your Surcharge income. ( see details on home page )